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I just came back from the Open Annotation Collaboration (OAC) workshop, working to develop a standard format for annotations on images, video, text and other resources.The group's current work is on the right track--there are two parts to any annotation: the 'constraint' which is the part of a resource we're focusing on, and the 'body' which is the metadata describing details of that constrained section of the resource.

A 'constraint' is mostly a simple section of an image like on the right where I circle the embedded rotating calendar in a ~17th century book on Hebrew Calendars, but the general idea of a scholarly annotation can be very complex. Just how crazy? Well, perhaps I want to show a certain rotation of the discs...

Last night Sky and I presented MediaThread at a Django meetup in NYC. We were invited to give a full presentation after a lighting talk back a few months ago. The event was held at Huge with about 20 people attending from a variety of backgrounds. The participants were engaged and involved, asking questions about our implementation, process, and student usage. We also heard a report back on the European DjangoCon and broke bread (and beer) with local Djangonaughts.

MediaThread is a media analysis communication platform we announced back in January.  At the moment it sports a number of central features:

  1. annotating images
    large images on any web page, Flickr, and some specific collections like ArtStor (for subscribers)
  2. clipping video into an annotation
    YouTube, quicktime, flv, flv pseudo-streaming, realmedia, h264, and preliminary ogg (when the browser supports it)
  3. embedding your image and video annotations into a multimedia essay
  4. discussing collected images and video (we call them assets) in a space where you can also embed annotations
We find this kind of communication affords and encourages deep analysis and "brings the laser pointer to the essay." Instead of just referencing a video and describing the scene, you can embed the exact moment and let the reader view the evidence directly and immediately.

We would love for this platform to grow beyond the walls of Columbia.  Fostering a community for a new open-source project is always a bit of a challenge, so please contribute with questions, suggestions, code, experience or insight.  The MediaThread forum will not just be for developers, so if you are using MediaThread, then tell us about your experience.

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